Do you like to draw like an Artist? Then use Google’s new feature

How is your drawing skills? 😉 mine is not good enough. But Google has done a creative experiment to recognize hand sketches and suggest better drawings. This is done by machine learning techniques which will be explained in coming articles. But for now, only you need to know it is some kind of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can identify your sketches and analyze better drawings for them.  Let’s see the basic steps of using this feature. And you can access to Autodraw from here.

Only you need to start doodling then Autodraw will suggest you the sketch that you are going to do. It is very easy. There is a drawing tool, color picker, type tool, shape tool, fill tool and you only have to select tool for your use and just draw in a way you can. Finally, download the drawn sketch as a PNG file or share.

This is some kind of magic tool that you can use for day to day sketches. if you have any questions please comment below.

UltraEdge and Hawk-Eye technology in Cricket

In past, there were many accusations that umpires for being biased or giving wrong decisions in occasions that were not easy to catch from the eye especially when caught from behind or LBW (leg before wicket). But newer technology has solved this problem up to a considerable extent but still, it is not perfect.

What is UltraEdge and Hawk-Eye?

Early stage Hawk-Eye system was introduced to Test cricket and it had 5mm accuracy of tracking path of the ball. In present, the accuracy has become less than 2.2mm and much-needed technology in cricket. This latest innovation is called as UltraEdge. Hawk-Eye was used to predict the path of the ball so it only used vision technology produced by six or more cameras linked to a computer system. But UltraEdge uses both video and audio inputs and detect whether batman hit the ball or pads did. Because of this new invention not only cricket also the world biggest sports such as football, basketball, rugby, tennis has got the benefit of conducting fair games.

UltraEdge review moment

Disable windows 10 Automatic update permanently

Updating windows should be done if you need to keep your computer more secure. Because those updates come with different kind of patches to security holes. So it will keep your data securely from malware attacks and also will support for newer software updates too. Then it is important to keep your windows updated from time to time.

Although it is important many people try to disable windows updates, because the updating may consume time and money. But disabling windows 10 automatic update may work for a few days only because the windows update manager will start automatically. So disabling windows update cannot be done with traditional ways.

StopUpdates10 is a small tool (1.18Mb) and license free version that is developed by Greatis Software’s, which can be used to disable windows 10 update.

screenshot of the tool UI

download from here.

Facebook and Cryptocurrency

It’s been more than 10 years from introducing Bitcoin which is having the largest market in the crypto world. And during this period many well-reputed companies have tried to adopt this new blockchain technology with regarding different scenarios. Some are very popular brands like American Express, Alibaba group, IBM and much more. But why? What was the reason for adopting this blockchain technology?

Blockchain has been already implemented as the best method of supply-chain management because it gives the benefit of cost and fully transparent system which is not easy to accomplish by traditional methods. Also, smart contracts have made the bottleneck of transactions to easy and time-saving options. There are many more valuable and advantageous things to be discovered too.  

How is the largest social media network is trying to adopt blockchain technology?

Libra Association which calls itself as “an independent, not-for-profit membership organization” headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland has published its whitepaper lately about Libra ecosystem. Also, it has geographically diverse founding members such as Coinbase, Uber, eBay, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard. This organization intends to release a reliable digital currency and infrastructure that together can deliver on the promise of “The internet of money”.